Implementation of projects in the Nearshore mode

For the past 5 years we have performed our projects very successfully using nearshore resources. As a result, we have established our own company in Timisoara, Romania.  This will enable us to fully guarantee consistency and process quality. Our nearshore approach lets us combine the advantages of known and proven onsite service provision with the cost advantages of nearshore back office service provision. Experienced analysts, developers, and project managers from our German locations are available for requirements gathering, conceptual design, architecture, and coordination with the customer. Their active involvement in projects guarantees continual and effective information flow between the customer and the nearshore development team. 

Project management and software development processes conform to Best Practice procedures, guaranteeing project schedule and quality of results. We have refined these processes continuously based on experience from ongoing projects. 

Using our nearshore approach, we achieve 30% – 40% savings compared to a conventional approach.  We are able to do this while maintaining quality at a high level and adhering to schedule and budget.


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